Simo’s S&M ATF

S&M Widemouth pitchforks, S&M Redneck XLT stem, S&M Perfect 10 bars, Sunday Headset, Odyssey Brakes, BSD sprocket, THE SET cranks, Animal BPE pedals,Colony seatpost, S&M directors seat, Saltplus/Eclat trippin rims, S&M mainline 2.1 tyres, odyssesy gold bluebird chain, ODI longneck grips
About Your Bike
I saved up from my high school KFC wages and bought my first S&M at 16 a 99 model Black Dirtbike the first 1 1/8 model and loved it. Hammered whatever trails i could build and find it was indestructible.

My second S&M was a red 08 Dirtbike with all the goodies I bought at 27 and spent plenty of time down the local skate park.

This is my 3rd and by far the BEST one YET at 33 now I aint killing it like the good old days but you can't beat the feeling of riding on the BEST BUILT BIKES on the planet.

Keep bringing out the Dopeness S&M!!! After 17 years I can't bring myself to ride anything else!!