Chad Kriz’s 22″ ATF trans green

Bay Area, CA
S&M Slam XLT bars, S&M Pitchfork XLT, S&M Race XLT stem, S&M pivotal seat, S&M Long Johnson seatpost, S&M X-Man sprocket, S&M Mainline 22" tires, Revenge 22" Arc wheels, Fit Indent cranks, Revenge headset
About Your Bike
I rode BMX bikes for 12 years before going to college and pursuing another sport. After college I had a hard time getting back onto a 20" so I picked up mountain biking and soon found myself owning a 26" DJ bike. big bikes are fun and all but nothing compares to sending it on your BMX bike. I tried getting back into the sport but found 24" wheels to be too awkward and I wasn't stable enough on a 20" for the type of riding I do. After riding my friend's 22" ATF I knew instantly that I needed one of my own and that it would be my gateway back into the type of riding I love most... sending it big in the middle of the woods.