Richard M’s ATF 21″

Melbourne, AUS
Animal, FBM, 90EAST, Shadow, Cinema, Subrosa, Anchor BMX
About Your Bike
Frame: ATF 21".
Forks: Subrosa Pandora V3.
Fork Cap: Banned Stash Cap.
Bars: 90EAST H.N.I.C. V2.
Stem: FBM PMA front load.
Headset: Anchor BMX.
Grips: Animal Jeff Kocsis Signature.
Barends: Animal Sewer Caps.
Brake Lever: Shadow Sano.
Brake Cable: Anchor BMX.
Brakes: Shadow Sano.
Seat: Anchor BMX.
Cranks: Profile GDH 19mm.
BB: Anchor BMX.
Sprocket: Input Sentinel 25t.
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Alloy.
Front Wheel: Cinema VX hub laced to Cinema 777 Rim.
Rear Wheel: Proper Cassette laced to Revenge Rim.
Tyres: Animal GLH 2.30 front and rear.
"Pegs": Animal Nub Nuts.