Richard Warner’s S&M Dagger 21″

Washington state
Bars: Demolition rig 9.25. Stem: Sunday freeze. Headset: merrit high top. Forks: shadow captive. Cranks: shadow killer 175mm. BB: Shadow. Sprocket: Mandera signet 25th sd. Pedals:odyssey grandstand. Chain: shadow interlock v2. Seat: odyssey gaxaly pivotal. Seat post: merrit. Wheels: colony pintour wheel set. Tires: odyssey Ross v2 2.3 . Grips:Odi longneck supersofts
About Your Bike
My dream but hoping to get some more S&M parts cause you all at the company of S&M have definetly won me over as a customer, your parts are all amazing. I'll definetly be a returning customer.