Mike Hrabovsky’s ATF 20.5

Atlanta, GA
Odyssey Hazard Front, Odyssey Q2 Rear (cassette), Kink Sever tires, Odyssey Blue Bird chain, Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones w/park sleeves, Primo MAC seat, Kink Biold stem, Kink seatpost, Shadow Conspiracy Ravager pedals, Kink Ridge cranks, Shadow Conspiracy guard sprocket, Odyssey Lumberjack bars, GSport Uniguards, Odyssey R32 fork
About Your Bike
Started out as a stock 2016 Kink Gap LHD.
Only original parts are seatpost, cranks and stem.
I call it the Scream Machine because the loose chain hits my Uniguard and sounds like a rollercoaster going up for the first drop.