Booker Chatnan’s 1994 S&M Holmes

Las Vegas, NV
1994 S&M Holmes Complete finally S&M Holmes/S&M Pitchfork, Tange sealed headset, Black S&M Redneck, S&M Dancing man Slams, ODI grips, VG bar ends, GT seatpost, VG brake hangar, Dia Compe 990s, Dia Compe cable, Dia Compe Tech 77 lever, T 1000s with TNT hubs, S&M Prince Albert cranks, S&M Motoman sprocket, Tioga Comp 3 tires, Izumi chain, Odyssey Svelte seat, VG clamp, Peregrine pedals, Custom Padset
About Your Bike
Candy Apple red with gold flake
Custom gold decals