Steve’s Warpig

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About Your Bike
This was my first “real” bike purchased back in 97. My dad was losing his shit because I got the grades to make our deal. You know the old, you honor roll I get you what ever bike you want… we’ll time to pay the piper pops!! It was a hand picked parts build and loved every minute of riding with my dudes. Same crew for about 4 years every afternoon and all weekend long. Dirt jumps, skate park, and street riding was life, with girls and beer mixed in! As most riders know our bikes was truly our lives. It was the was we got around, the way we vented, the way we met new people. Once I was able to upgrade from the dyno nsx to my warpig it was game on! My friends and I, with my dads tools of corse, put this thing together and we all were stoked on it. By this time they all had upgraded and was rocking dirt bikes and Holmes. Now finally my time to shine!

So frame is a 97 warpig grey in color. Tank headset held the pitchforks while the redneck held tight the haro jackhammer bars. Odi grips with pitbull2 lever connected to a set of 990 breaks. Profile racing cranks with tenderizer allowed the pedal power. Transferring that power though a kink 44t sprocket with a kmc 415 chain and ACS Fat freewheel. Primo Viking seat clamp held the rod and hemorrhoid seat (seat has been changed to a hot since 04 I believe). Suzue mhs 48 hubs laced up to Alex heffer 3 triple wall hoops (been changed out due to chrome flaking) kept me riding smooth. Keeping me connected to the ground was a primo dirt monster up front and a Hoffman skidmark in the rear. All parts that were changed out I still have and will be refurbishing what I can to get them back in service!

My daughter loves my bike so much I find her stealing it and leaving her subrosa off to the side. Seeing how much fun she has on it I have been collecting parts, all era correct, to do a warpig build for her. I have not told her yet and plan to after I have all the parts ready to go!

This was life and every time I get on this bike a flood of memories from my childhood and friends come back. While I’m not as crazy as I once was due to my job (fire fighter) and can’t get hurt, I take it easy. S&M bikes was a huge part of my life and my up bringing and I want to thank you! Photo is how my bike sat after 25 years… built to last I’ll say!