Vincent Meza’s 2016? Dirtbike 21″

Fallbrook CA
S&M, Profile, Odyssey, G-Sport
About Your Bike
2016 S&M Dirt Bike (Pretty sure it's 2016. Maybe 2013. I could have been really drunk when pieced her together)

This Dirty Girl turns heads wherever I take her. So much chrome, you just have to look to see what she is all about. Smooth whip to say the least. Surprising considering my fat brother with no skills had been riding her for so long that I was almost sure he was going to blow out an O-Ring in her bearings. Not only was he borrowing my shit, he also left her in his house when that place went up in flames! So deciding to run for his own life instead of saving my baby from the inferno that was destroying his livelihood, he left her unprotected in the house where he allowed the firefighters to run a train on her and make her the winner of the wet T-shirt contest. After a little tender loving care back at my place and lubing her up she is still beautiful as ever and ready to get back in the ring. The only flaw that drives me nuts about her are those ugly ass G-Sport hubs that I somehow decided were a good idea to put on her. Other than that, I Love this bike. #1 of 3 S&Ms.