Randy’s S&M Dagger 19inch

Creal Springs Illinois
S&M fast pitch fork,S&M stem,Primo head set, S&M intrikit 10 bars, Vans grips, S&M seat post, Primo seat, Primo Churchill 165 cranks, Primo 28t sprocket, Shadow chain, Cinema pedals, Fit free coaster wheels, Vans tires, Odyssey tubes, Rat rod devil head valve covers, old mid school S&M steel pegs/skateboard grip tape applied.
About Your Bike
I Built this S&M Dagger for Flatland riding. It’s short, responsive, super fast, strong, and quiet while riding. My favorite parts on the bike are the Fit free coaster wheel set. The free coaster works great and engages perfectly. My least favorite parts on the build are the Vans tires. Too slick, they gotta go.