Rip Dat (Passero) Grip

Craig Passero crafted this little nug to herald the unveiling of his signature grip, and truth be told, it’s just downright delightful. Old skool, cool, urban awesomeness from Craig and his compadres. And that PASSERO GRIP is a’ight too! Soft, dual-patterned and available now in Black, Clear and Glow in the Dark.


Passero in Print

Craig Passero and his signature WHAMMO frame straight ownin’ a crooked rail in our latest Ride ad.


North of the Border

Sending a van full of vatos to Mehico for 10 days to film for the DVD was risky, but we’re happy to report that Hoder, Derek, Hobie, Andrew, Charlie, Craig and Kareem returned Stateside in (mostly) one-piece. If you were following us and/or the team on insta, you already know that Hoder made the dudes detour the van to the Superbowl, Kareem tried to commit Hari-Kari and Schubert got stuffed. If you weren’t – get on it – there’s more madness where this came from.



To wrap up birthday week here at S&M, we’d like to wish Craig a mighty fine burfday. The big day is actually Sunday, but we have a feeling festivities will be in full swing all weekend.



Craig. Passero = Whammo. Cuz if you don’t know… now you know.


Oh Boy! Whammo and Tall Boys Out Now!

Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero’s signature steeds should have made their way to the wall of your favorite bike shop by now. Here’s a closer look at the Fu crew’s frames… the Tall Boy and the Whammo.


Passero in FUville

Craig crunched his foot shortly after joining Team #ShieldBMX, so this fresh action from Passero is a real treat. Filmed and edited by fellow FU/S&M cat Charlie Crum, this northern New York collection of clips comes hard!



Our man Craig has been out of commish with an ankle injury for a minute, he faced some issues in the hospital which is now being taken care of by experts from, but one look at his Insta and you’ll see that Mr. Passero is back in action on a prototype S&M sig frame — for now aptly called the CraigFU. He’s running some other #ShieldBMX classics, like a Challenger stem, Tuffman sprocket and Pitchfork XLTs, as well as a cushy Coxie seat, but we know its that purple kush CraigFU you guys really want to get a closer look at!


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