Kareem’s World – Skeleton and Muscles *Family JUUL Clips*

In the latest Kareem’s World he gives us a full breakdown of S&M and Ridebmx.com Skeleton and Muscles Tour Video! If you have not seen it yet be sure to go peep that, and if you have already check out the Extended version with all the behind the scenes antics from team riders: Mike Hoder, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Clint Reynolds, newest Pro Hobie Doan and introducing Ever Peacock!


S&M SoCal Roll Up!

We held a summit of sorts in SoCal a couple months back where we flew in Hoder, Hobie and Kareem to kick it with local boys like Trevor Sigloch, Mike Stahl, Dan Norvell and Chad Johnston. Canadian shred-lord and filmer/editor Andrew Schubert captured the week-long excursion and voila, a vid was born.


Dobie Does Liverpool

We helped Hobie hop a plane to Liverpool to get loose with the Dub dudes and all we got was this stupid video (we kid, it’s raily raily good).


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Hot Hobie Doan Doggy

Hobie Doan doing the damn thing in HDWCR! Dude’s also getting things done across the pond at present, so make sure you’re following him @hobiedoan!



If there are a couple of dudes who exhibit other-worldly biking ability on the reg, it’s Hobie Doan and Dan Norvell. And for that reason, the universe has bestowed upon them signature colorways of our newest frame, the UFO. Hobie’s cultivating that NW Green and Flat Clear for ya’ll, while Dan’s droppin’ Trans Purple and Flat Black on yer heads. Two sets of sig kush alien graphics aside, the UFO boasts the steepest head angle in our fleet and those integrated chain tensioners are intergalactic. Video bike checks coming soon.


DOAN You Know?

Hobie Doan is doing big things for a little dude. Well, he’s not exactly little, but he is one of our youngbloods and if you don’t know who he is yet, you will soon. RIDE recently did a Spotlight feature on him, and he’s currently in Austin, clippin’ for the DVD and working on a promo for his signature colorway of our almost-out UFO frame dropping any day… you know that ‘ish is gonna be outta of this world!


Sponsor Me

Want to get sponsored by S&M? Kareem, Hoder, Hobie and Charlie show you how it’s done. Follow their advice and you’ll be living ‘high’ on the hog in no time.



A few honorary Long Beach Boys bring the Good Vibrations with this one! Team Canada (Bonesaw and Schubert) came down to soak up some SoCal summer at the Ambrose’s new Long Beach digs for a week last month, and between them, Hobie Doan (who also happened to be in town) and Keith Hartwell cruising up the coast, a little impromtu Shield Shred-Fest ensued. Schubert edited it up a treat too, so dig in!


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