Kareem’s World – Swampfest Edition!

Kareem wanted to go to Swampfest. We told him we’d buy him half a ticket (shout out to Empire for flying this fool home) if he provided Kareem’s World Special Edition Swampfest coverage. Huge ups to Trey Jones for making it happen!


Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read

Today is the day – Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – the latest title in our infamous library of bicycle motocross movies, is out! We’ll be premiering the video in Riverside, CA at our 30 Year Party July 10 at 9pm. Charlie Crumlish crushed this one – shout out to the Tall Boy for the biking/filming/editing and the whole team for illustrating what having a blast on your bike looks like. If you can’t make the premiere, scoop it in the webstore and we’ll ship it to you Monday!


Sponsor Me

Want to get sponsored by S&M? Kareem, Hoder, Hobie and Charlie show you how it’s done. Follow their advice and you’ll be living ‘high’ on the hog in no time.


Vlog Jam

Kareem and Charlie came through Cali last week, and while they were out here, they thought they’d try their luck huntin’ Vloggers. Looks like da boys filled their tag…


Kareem of the Crop – New Tees

When our latest batch of Made-in-USA, custom-crafted tees arrived last week, Kareem Williams happened to be lurking around The Building. Being the enterprising young man he is, “Crèam” wasted no time offering up his talents as a male model. We decided to hire him, but only under one condition, that he do some actual work while sauntering around the shop in his new, Shield-adorned swag. The above pictorial is an actual account of how that turned out…


Atlantis Vancouver Street Jammin’

We piled a whole load of fools in the van and sent them up and down the West Coast to get weird for two weeks. They succeeded and ended wrapping things up at the Atlantis Street Jam in Vancouver. Charlie got down, filmed and edited this one for TCU, Trevor Sigloch got in there too and Kareem, well, he just kept the weirdness on a roll. Shout out to BC!


North of the Border

Sending a van full of vatos to Mehico for 10 days to film for the DVD was risky, but we’re happy to report that Hoder, Derek, Hobie, Andrew, Charlie, Craig and Kareem returned Stateside in (mostly) one-piece. If you were following us and/or the team on insta, you already know that Hoder made the dudes detour the van to the Superbowl, Kareem tried to commit Hari-Kari and Schubert got stuffed. If you weren’t – get on it – there’s more madness where this came from.



It’s Kareem’s birthday, so we decided to post this portrait of him looking all serious and shit… like he done growed up. For the truth, make sure you’re following Kareem and S&M on Instagram when he and a few of the boys head to Mexico for a filming trip at the end of the month. Should be interesting… Happy Birthday boyeee!


Kareem of the Crop

Kareem Williams is quite a character and all things Kareem are currently being captured by Crumlish and Co. for the next S&M DVD. Frank Dimone shot this photo of the dudes going in a few weeks ago. Keep up with Kareem on his FB Page and Insta


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