Marvin blew up a few back tires but landed on the cover of RIDE with this huge wallride in 2003!

Marvin Loetterle RIDE cover


Team rider 1997-2006

From his sections in Video 4 (1999) and Please Kill Me (2004) right up until 2006 when he joined the working world, he was outrageous on and off his bike. Watching him ride was always entertaining and sometimes excruciating for you and him. During the filming of Action Sports Sex #11 Marvin drove a naked man to storm off the set after getting slapped in the ass by the mini-ramp handrail during a fu-fa-nu gone wrong. When he wasn’t cursing at inanimate objects, or throwing his bike, Marvin was usually shredding, helping us with parts like the Marvin Guts and Enduro stem, or driving people absolutely bananas. For men’s water sports accessories you can checkout this blog sport shoes for men.

Marvin Loetterle Joins Team