Credence and Friends in PDX

Filmed / Edited by Clint Reynolds
Additional Filming: Matty Aquizap and Pauly Pirate

Matty Aquizap, Clint Reynolds, Pauly Pirate, Ryan Greene, Rick Vergillo, Snotty, Justin Inman and Ryan Barret.

Song: Flower Travellin Band, Sator Pt. 1


Bevan Cowan #solocamsessions

Our boy Bevan Cowan calls New Zealand home, but hopped islands to Australia to self-film and edit this solo-session vid. He’s got some other stuff in the works too, so keep an eye out!


Dorame/Velasco Edit

New Mexico stand up! Another good one from Derek Dorame… and this time his homie Andres Velasco goes in too.


Felix Murray-Shum Wow

BMX Direct, our South African distributor, just picked up Felix Murray-Shum to rep The Shield there. Felix really puts it all on the line in this edit. Dude’s a bike basher; good thing he’s on an S&M!


Team Credence in Puerto Rico

Team Credence headed South to Puerto Rico for a little R&R (roasting and relaxation) a few weeks back. Clint, Nutter, Matty and Co. shralp some seaside parks and Puerto Rico street in this Reynold’s-edited gem. Watch it all the way to the end if you enjoy a little indecent exposure now and again.


Peter Olsen – Less > More

How ’bout a little Canadian flatland from Peter Olsen folks? Peter was trying to go for, “shorter “complete” tricks that were fresh for me and felt good. I’ve always liked the aesthetic of simplified riding and that was in the back of my mind when I was filming.” Mission accomplished.


Bevan Cowan Can!

Our boy Bevan Cowan filmed for this one all over New Zealand and Australia. If you like pegless grinds, going fast, and gaps then you should watch this.


Hoder High

Mike Hoder wants you to get higher and go faster, so allow him to introduce the Hoder High bars. Just like the original Hoder bars, but with a 9″ rise. We’re still slangin’ ’em both, so pick your poison.


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