9 Acres – Boyce is the Choice!

PA woods meets PA concrete – Jump in the van and take a day trip with the Halahans to Boyce Park! They kill the deep end and pay respect to some historic moves that have happened in the bowl over the years before getting challenged by a local to a wheelie contest (with pedaling).


Factory Friday: Red, Zinc and Blue!

welcome back to Factory Friday! this week we have more ATF’s back from paint, pitchforks back from rustproofing, some Hoder Sky Highs going back to the paint shop, and lots of bikes going out the door!


Mike Hoder: Fake BMX

You want that fake real, or that real real? Whatchu want?

Hoder is always a rider who has been best captured in his natural environment, having sessions with his homies. We decided to use the homies to film a Hoder part and this is the result. Bang bang.

Edited by Charlie C.


S&M BMX – Factory Friday: Made in the USA!

Welcome to Factory Friday! Today we have some two tone ATF’s coming back from paint, some interesting looking CCR chain stays getting the pre-weld treatment, frames going out to paint, plus the Dad Dog himself was in the Building!

Editor’s note: we’re testing these Factory Friday features in vertical form, let us know if you like/dislike it!


Rough Cut: Mike Stahl

Today we got some raw dogs for you, an extended cut of Stahl’s welcome to pro we dropped last week featuring some extra angles and behind the scenes goofin’. For 7 mins you can be a fly on the wall for the filming of Mike’s welcome to pro edit!

Filmed by J Bone Benthien and Grant “C” Castelluzo


Factory Friday – CNC Machined!

It was a busy week here at The Building, but while juggling new shipments of steel we also managed to take a trip over to the machine shop to show you guys some of that process too!

filmed by James Eason and Arnold Bo Barnold


Mike Stahl – Welcome to Pro!

It’s been in the pipeline for a bit, but today we’re proud to announce that Mike Stahl has been bumped to the pro team! Mike is one of the hardest working dudes in BMX and we’re proud to have him repping!

Filmed by Justin Benthien and Grant C.


Factory Friday: 4130 Heat Treated!

Here’s what’s been going down at The Building the past week – Lots of new parts on the way including Pink Dagger frames, 22″ forks with 26mm offset, 10″ FIT Hango bars and more!

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filmed by James Eason


Fathead 10 Year Celebration Video Part!

Fathead banged out an all-new video part to celebrate 10 years under the shield! This bangs – Classic Fathead in the streets! We’ve been blessed to have him on the team the entire time, and here’s to 10 more.

filmed by Jambul (rude’n all day star)


S&M BMX – Yee-Halahan!

The Halahan boys are down in Texas and linked up with the legend Stew Johnson for this piece! Featuring Lukas + Nathan Halahan plus a star studded guest list on some prime southern concrete. This gave me some serious Props vibes.


S&M Slidepipe Stunt Team 101!

The Slidepipe Stunt Team’s season opener demo at Santa Ana Middle School went well, here’s clips of the action featuring Charlie C, Dave Krone, Mike Stahl, and Aryei Levenson shredding their Slidepipe V2’s!


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