Crum Cam – Party Playback

The recaps keep comin’, but this edition’s special given our very own Charlie Crumlish crafted it. Hoder and Passero hittin’ the trails, Ryan Russell with the beer-in-hand flatland sesh, Dougie Fresh’s dance moves and an airborne hot dog ramp? When you’re done enjoying this piece, check out RIDEbmx’s vid to see what was going on in Crum’s crazy head when he made HOT DOGS WHO CAN’T READ. Then SUBSCRIBE to our NewTube ‘cuz, now that Charlie’s finished making one of the best DVDs of all time, he’ll be dropping dem fresh vids on our channel.


Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read

Today is the day – Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – the latest title in our infamous library of bicycle motocross movies, is out! We’ll be premiering the video in Riverside, CA at our 30 Year Party July 10 at 9pm. Charlie Crumlish crushed this one – shout out to the Tall Boy for the biking/filming/editing and the whole team for illustrating what having a blast on your bike looks like. If you can’t make the premiere, scoop it in the webstore and we’ll ship it to you Monday!



Fridge Tape feat. Charlie Crumlish

Check out Charlie Crumlish and all the BMXFU guys keeping it frigid this winter and blessing us with a 10 minute mix tape! Grab a beverage and enjoy the fridge tape!


Sponsor Me

Want to get sponsored by S&M? Kareem, Hoder, Hobie and Charlie show you how it’s done. Follow their advice and you’ll be living ‘high’ on the hog in no time.


Vlog Jam

Kareem and Charlie came through Cali last week, and while they were out here, they thought they’d try their luck huntin’ Vloggers. Looks like da boys filled their tag…


Hoder / Crumlish / Party

Two of The Shield’s finest, Mike Hoder and Charlie Crumlish, will be in the house this weekend for our NIGHTMARE ON LYON ST Jam. We’ll have a 10′ quarter, a box jump, Slidepipes and hotdogs to session starting at 4pm and fellow #BUILDINGBOYZ (Fit’s Tommy Dugan, Brandon Begin, Ethan Corriere, Morgan Long and Justin Spriet) will be debuting their recent project FIT HORROR PICTURE at 7:30. Wear a costume and bring your bike!


What the Chuck?

RIDE ran some riddles by Charlie Crumlish, so if you need to know what’s good with the dood, get your hands on the Mirra Issue of the mag. And if you’re in NYC, we just shipped Chuck north to take the streets by storm with Craig Passero. Stay tuned for details on meeting up with the dudes in the NorEast in the next couple weeks.



We dropped this Charlie Crum creation at The Building Jam on Saturday and the stoke was HIGH. Check out the trailer for the biking movie we’re making above and get ready, it’s about to be brung!


Slide Pipe Slippin’

It was a mad dash to deliver the goods by Christmas, but the first batch of American-made Slide Pipes made it out the door at the tail-end of 2015. Here’s an edit of dem S&M boyz putting the prototype through some rigorous testing before the final version came out. Learn all about the SLIDE PIPE here. Got one already? Show us your #slidepipe on Insta!


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