Charlie Crumlish “CROSSOVER” Video Section

Charlie and his Fu brethren Greg Henry and Badmatty just dropped a new part in conjunction with Motobunka from their  DVD “Crossover” and it’s sick! If you like this, stay tuned for the upcoming S&M video Charlie is in the kitchen cooking up right now…




When you’re mobbing with the Fit and S&M boys, the camera never stops rolling. Take a look at the raw, uncut timeline from the “It’s All The Same Shit” video.
Featuring: Tom Dugan, Brad Simms, Justin Spriet, John Nelson, Coltin Knudson, Mike Hoder, Mike “Hucker” Clark, “DGAF” Dan Norvell, Aryei Levenson, and Kareem Williams.


Doubles Biking!

badmatty was visiting charlie in buffalo for a few days and they went to work at bmxfu’s private ramps, x games vert doubles style!


Kareem’s World – Skeleton and Muscles *Family JUUL Clips*

In the latest Kareem’s World he gives us a full breakdown of S&M and Skeleton and Muscles Tour Video! If you have not seen it yet be sure to go peep that, and if you have already check out the Extended version with all the behind the scenes antics from team riders: Mike Hoder, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Clint Reynolds, newest Pro Hobie Doan and introducing Ever Peacock!


Vote 4 Kareem! X Games Real BMX!

And with an X Games Real BMX rebel run, we’ve got Kareem J. Williams and his filmer/editor Charlie Crumlish! Don’t forget to vote for them for fan favorite. You can vote once a day until… well shit, looks like we missed the deadline. How very S&M of us. Oh well… there’s always next year.


Charles in Charge

We put Charlie Crumlish in charge of filming and editing Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – what the hell were we thinking? Dude’s obviously insane!?! Here’s the Top Dawg’s part – relish it!


Chuck Crum Crumbs

You know what goes good with hot dogs? A Tall Boy. Rat Crum, a.k.a. Charles in Charge, coming through with a smorgasborg of unseen and uneaten hawg dawgs. Crack a cold one and smash play.


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