Frank Albino (our amigo outta Colombia) is in town, so he, Eric Hough and some otro buddies commandeered the S&M Sprinter for a few days to session, film and get some shots around SoCal. All photos courtesy of Christopher Mortenson.

Heavy Sesh


Eric Hough has hops. He went out with Chris Arriaga of BMX Plus to shoot a bunnyhop bike flip but found a bunch of other stuff to blast his ATF off of including this lil sidewalk lip.

Sidewalk Sail


Frank Albino rides for us thru our Colombian connection Almacen BMX. If you’re in Colombia and need to score…hit em up!

Colombian REDNECK tie?


We can build frames all year, unfortunately the same can’t be said for you guys and your Trails! Now that Spring has sprung it’s time to dial in those dirt curls Credence style! BMX wouldn’t be the same without you guys busting your asses. Thanks to all the trail builders out there and to Stew Johnson for this pic of Reynolds gettin’ it done.

Trail Season is Now Open!