Bonesaw / Desson Dogs

If you had the pleasure of watching Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read — or better yet, got off your BUNS and bought a copy — you already know our neighbors to the North, a.k.a. Team Canada, had a killer section. Here’s the very last of the leftovers Charlie Crumlish had stuffed in the back of his ice box — half-thawed Isaac Barnes and Matt Desson comin’ atcha! As an aside, we’re ramping up our YouTube Channel and want to make sure you don’t miss the action… in an attempt to bolster our subscribers, we’re dangling a dog over your head – once we get to 15k subscribers, we’ll put HDWCR online! Just like humans, all dogs need their own special place, where they can relax, sleep and maybe dream of fetching their favorite toy or a nice, tasty bone. For more details, visit the the best dog houses for 2018 with reviews.


Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read

Today is the day – Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read – the latest title in our infamous library of bicycle motocross movies, is out! We’ll be premiering the video in Riverside, CA at our 30 Year Party July 10 at 9pm. Charlie Crumlish crushed this one – shout out to the Tall Boy for the biking/filming/editing and the whole team for illustrating what having a blast on your bike looks like. If you can’t make the premiere, scoop it in the webstore and we’ll ship it to you Monday!



A few honorary Long Beach Boys bring the Good Vibrations with this one! Team Canada (Bonesaw and Schubert) came down to soak up some SoCal summer at the Ambrose’s new Long Beach digs for a week last month, and between them, Hobie Doan (who also happened to be in town) and Keith Hartwell cruising up the coast, a little impromtu Shield Shred-Fest ensued. Schubert edited it up a treat too, so dig in!


Bone-friggin-saw Y’all!

Isaac “Bonesaw” Barnes comin’ through with some solid, Canadian, street sweetness! Barnes has been clippin’ for the DVD, but decided to share these gems early in this 1664/S&M/Dig debut, and we’re mighty pleased he did. Atta boy Bonesaw!



Did you know Issac “Bonesaw” Barnes moonlights as a model? Our TRAILS NEW ERA SNAPBACKS are back, and Issac and our styrofoam mannequin head are amped! Grab these while you can kids…


Ice Picks and Tobbogans Up North

The snow may be melting, but those crazy Canadians are still ice picking and tobboganing everything in site. Here’s a couple shots of Barnes and Schubert gettin’ busy in the Great White North.


Barnes is Noble

Bonesaw was broke off for a bit this year, but thanks to some new hardware holding his wrist together, he was able to do a little stacking for a 2013 edit – here it is!


Issac “Bonesaw” Barnes is back in the saddle (or no-foot can-canning out of it) after winter and wrist surgery did their best to curtail his time on the steed these last few months. This photo was shot in Invermere, BC over the weekend. Yippe ki yi yay!

Bonesaw Horsin’ Around in BC