More Coxie Seat Moxie

We’ve been sold out on the COXIE seat for a minute, but all that has changed now… it’s time the Director gets back in the saddle!


It’s Coxie’s Birthday!

Birthday shout out being sent across the pond for our boy James Cox today. Hope you have a fine one mate! In other UK happenings, Bambi has a bike check up on the 4Down site you should check out!


James Cox is a talented lad, both in front of and behind the camera. Dig Magazine’s video issue has an article on Coxie detailing his life behind the lens – check it out. Now would also be a good time to throw the dude a bone and scoop up his signature Director’s Seat too. More cushion for the pushin’.

Coxie’s Got Moxie


photo Daniel Benson

Whether he’s riding or filming, James Cox is a true original. The Union talks about a few of The Director’s firsts in BMX here.

Firsts with James Cox