O.G. Race Jersey – Going Fast

Rider’s ready… pre-order now! We did a smallish run of these retro-inspired O.G. Jerseys and are offering them on a pre-order basis while supplies last. If you want to make sure to get your size, you better move! These’ll go fast… pun intended. Shipping Sept. 1.



Blaze a trail to your local S&M dealer and pick up an American Made Sharpie Shield lighter and Flic your Bic with pride!


Tan Dat…

Lookin’ for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that’s sweet, tan and just the right thickness – these American-Made leather coasters fit the bill. Bonus: they go good with beer. Nab ’em in our webstore or get your shop to grab some! They’re going fast!


Rubber Side Down

What time is it? Tire time. Our trail tire, the Mainline, comes in 2.4 for da front, 2.1 in the rear, that street Speedball‘s low profile brings the quickness and the Trackmark is tailor-made to smoke the competition. Hit the links for more deets on ’em all.