Santa Fe shredder Derek Dorame’s fresh Whammo is a stunna! Check out our boy’s latest build (and get a sneak peek of a proto-sprocket he’s testing). And for added epicness, Derek’s dropped an edit with his homie Andres Velasco alongside this bike check, so check, check, check dat out too!


Stricker’s New Girl

Josh brought his new bae by The Building today so we had to capture some happy snaps of the cute new couple. That’s 22 inches of pure love right there kids.


‘Nother Hucker

Mike built up a trans blue Hucker a couple weeks back and is calling it the best bike he’s ever had. Wanna be like Mike? See if Santa will drop his sig frame under the tree in two weeks time!


Char-Fu Check

Charlie’s FU-BARs made their debut earlier this week, and now you can take a closer look at his prototype sig frame, which for now, we’re calling the CHAR|FU. Mr. Crumlish and this steed are in NYC for the next couple weeks, so you East Coast cats might see ’em in action at the DUB Street Series this weekend, or out clippin’ for the new S&M video after that. If you do, say what up to a FU.



Our man Craig has been out of commish with an ankle injury for a minute, he faced some issues in the hospital which is now being taken care of by experts from, but one look at his Insta and you’ll see that Mr. Passero is back in action on a prototype S&M sig frame — for now aptly called the CraigFU. He’s running some other #ShieldBMX classics, like a Challenger stem, Tuffman sprocket and Pitchfork XLTs, as well as a cushy Coxie seat, but we know its that purple kush CraigFU you guys really want to get a closer look at!


Big Mike Bike Check

Hoder has a bike check up on Ride that you should definitely check out if you want to know what the big man runs to get the job done. We poached a few of Jeff Z.’s pics to put here… but make sure you check out the rest on RIDEbmx. Oh and that Mainline 2.425 tire Mike’s running… they’ll be available in just a couple short weeks.


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