Southern Hemi Shreddie

Clint, Matty and Nutter just spent a week getting radical with co-Credence crewmember Jared Carter in Australia and there’s photographic proof over on



Watching Clint, Matty, Nutter, Walli and Co. roast their local just never gets old. We found this video and some snapshots by Brian Barnhart over on Dig. In other news, we’re shipping the Credence team to the Southern Hemisphere in February – should be radical!


The Stoke is High

Team Credence, Raja the dawg and the veggie van are en route from Tejas to the woods of PA. If you see the Turtle Bus out there on the interstate, give the boys a honk! Get in on the adventure by following credence_bikes!


Team Credence in Puerto Rico

Team Credence headed South to Puerto Rico for a little R&R (roasting and relaxation) a few weeks back. Clint, Nutter, Matty and Co. shralp some seaside parks and Puerto Rico street in this Reynold’s-edited gem. Watch it all the way to the end if you enjoy a little indecent exposure now and again.


Credence X DIG

Clint, Matty and Nutter took over a decent portion of DIG‘s new trails issue. We threw a few of the shots in a slideshow for you, but make sure you pick up the mag to read the whole article. We’re sending them out with web orders if you can’t get your paws on them anywhere else. And in other Credence news, Australia’s Jared Carter is now part of the crew… congrats Carter!


Happy New Beer!

This year was a good year. Hit the highights in the slideshow and we’ll catch you on the flipside!


It’s Nutter’s birthday, so he and Team Credence are appropriately celebrating it in their beloved woods.

Happy Birthday Nutbag


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